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15 additional tips to drive more traffic to your blog or website

For the latest post in our series on Blog and Website traffic generation techniques, we’ll use our infographic to go over 15 tips you can utilize to increase your traffic.

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1. Write more, generate more content to increase the chance of more people viewing your website. Google prioritizes websites with constantly updated content. Make a daily habit of writing at least one blog post and witness the results for yourself.

2. Utilizing social media gives bloggers the opportunity to generate appealing content that can attract lots of attention. In addition, promoters can combine content with art and other components to claim a spot as a top search result on the internet. Established forums or groups on social media are usually based on one niche.

3. Putting more effort into creating better titles is crucial to growing your readership. Learn how to create titles that are designed to get viewers to click your links. Use trigger words and creative strategies to win potential viewers’ attention.

4. For posts, always select a topic that fits the theme of your website and / or the chosen niche. Your audience is interested in the type of content that you are an expert in.

5. Picking the right niche is half the battle. There are numerous tools online to indicate what’s currently trending. Some niches are much more popular and lucrative than others. If Possible chose one or tweak one to create a lot of traction quickly. Choose your target audience and the type of content they want to read.

6. Photos in blog posts boosts readership. Photos increase the chances of your blog or website being shared with others. Avoid licensing issues by not pulling photos straight from Google, instead find free stock images from a website like

7. Mention influencers in your posts to get more organic views. Link out to other posts that complement your content.

8. Include social media share buttons to make it easy to spread your content all over the web. Recommended share buttons include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

9. Utilize email marketing. Set up an autoresponder within your website. New subscribers are directed to more of your content which can help build your online presence.

10. Invite viewers to leave a comment, and make sure to engage with them. It builds loyalty and trust with your audience.

11. Use subheadings, bullet lists, and numbered lists. This makes your posts more visually appealing and allows them to flow more efficiently which will appeal to more readers.

12. Write guest posts for other related blogs to direct more traffic to your own blog website.

13. Speed up your website. Nothing will discourage visitors from reading your content more than having to wait for a slow page to load. That’s why using platforms like WordPress with themes designed with minimum code to produce fast page speeds are super helpful

14. Boost your posts on social media to increase your targeting range of audience. You gain the opportunity to appear at the top of the feed of audiences worldwide.

15. Add video content to your blog. It’s a surefire way to multiply the traffic that your website receives. Create a video that is informative as well as entertaining.

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