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5 Places to get free images for your Website

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but on websites and blogs that is even more the case. For example, not only does inserting images into your content help readers to visualize the ideas you are communicating, it also helps build traffic via SEO and image searches on Google. That being said there are some very important considerations to keep in mind when acquiring images for your content.

License Types (Free is not always free)

Its extremely important to to have a basic understanding of how licenses on content works. There are many different license types and they all differ in meaning depending on the case. For example you may run across many images on a Google image search or across another website while surfing the web. Keep in mind though that you CANNOT just save the image and use it on your site. Doing so could lead you into some severe legal penalties. Fortunately though there are places to go where you can get free images that will not get you in trouble.

Here are the 2 specific image license types you want to look for.

Images for Blogs

The GPL General Public License. The GPL license is a great choice for blog and site owners looking for images. Not only is it free from royalties and legal ramifications, it also allows you to alter the images any way you like.

Creative Commons You can also go the through CC images or Creative commons, This is an ok source of images but you must be aware that editing or reproducing the work without the original creators explicit permission is not permitted.

For a more in depth article on these 2 image licesne types check out this page

5 Places to get royalty free no worry images for your Blog or site





5.Little Visuals

Sometimes you need a little more.

If you find yourself needing more specific images you may have to look to premium sources such as Shutterstock

Be sure to dig through the pricing plans, they have prepaid plans and monthly image plans which can save you a ton of money. They also have music, vectors and videos in addition to images.

Shutterstock stock photo pricing

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