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Introducing a giant update to the Blogg Pro theme

Early last year, Blogging Theme Styles created a theme called Blogg Pro. A theme made for a different kind of blogger that focused on lifestyle, fashion, decor based concepts. A theme built for simple blogging magazine sites, with a clean minimalist style. A blog layout that was not as common as most blogs are, so we set out to make this one a little unique.

A Newer Blogg Pro – More Features!

It’s not common to redesign older themes, but we knew we could make this one even better.

So, we want to introduce you to the newer Blogg Pro theme that offers a lot of new and exciting enhancements.

New Blogg Pro Theme

Unfortunately, some bad news comes with the good news, so let me take you through the changes we made:

What Was Removed

  1. Width Adjustments – We had to remove several width adjustments due to conflicts, but we did keep the Page and Slider/Banner settings.
  2. Accent Colours* – We removed the accent colour options (and added more fine control, see New Colour Options below) because these were just too limiting to make personalising your site better.
  3. Align Wide & Align Full – Yes, this had to be done, but the align wide and align full image classes that are associated with Gutenberg have been removed. Gutenberg, in general, has some bad issues properly displaying these two style classes that let you expand your images wider than your content. I won’t bore you with the technical aspects of this.

What Was Added or Changed!

  1. Gutenberg Compatibility – We are happy to announce that Blogg Pro is now compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. The only exception is that the Align Full and Align Wide styles are not available. This is due to the structure of the theme and the ability to have fluid page widths. This is where the Gutenberg alignments fail in many themes, even with other theme shops — they are aware of this and once fixed, we’ll do our best to add them back.
  2. Disable Gutenberg Styles – We understand that some people do not want to use Gutenberg, so why load Gutenberg Styles? We added a new setting to the Customizer that allows you to disable the styles.
  3. WooCommerce – For this theme, we realized that WooCommerce is a good fit for creating an online store. Although Blogg Pro is not built around WooCommerce, we made sure that you have enough to showcase amazing products and have options to personalise it to your needs.
  4. A New Header Style – Previously, you had 2 header styles. Now, you have 3 choices! You can see the new style active on the live demo site for Blogg Pro or you can see it in the screenshot above.
  5. New Colour Options – I mentioned about accent colours above, but what we did was to replace these with individual colour settings for a wide range of page elements. Now, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to colour.
  6. Additional Style Enhancements – In addition to the above list of new features, several items throughout the theme have a few style adjustments.
  7. Some bugs were fixed as well.

In Summary

We tried to keep the changes to a minimum so they don’t affect current users of this theme too much, but there will be some things that you might find different. I recommend keeping a backup copy of your current version of Blogg Pro before you decide to update the theme to version 2.0.2. However, if you are new to Blogg Pro, you can install it and start building your website with all the enhancements we’ve made.

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