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How To Create Engaging Emails To Woo Your Subscribers

Ask any business out there what their marketing channel of choice is and they’ll reply “email” without skipping a beat. User-friendliness, high market penetration, and a staggering ROI- marketers have reasons more than one to fall in love with this channel. But, with everyone hopping onto this bandwagon, there’s an obvious downside- ridiculously high competition. Your subscribers receive heaps and heaps of emails on a daily basis. So, if you want your email marketing campaign to register on their radar, you have to ensure your emails are enticing to a fault. In today’s article, we will talk about some tips and tricks that will help you achieve this objective. Read on to find out!


Write Impactful Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first thing a reader will notice about your email; getting them spot on is more than imperative. If the first impression doesn’t land right, no way you can expect them to open your message. Here are some tips you can mind to nail your subject lines:

  • Try to create a sense of urgency. It’s an excellent mechanism to grab your reader’s attention and spur them into action. This works best when you have to announce an upcoming sale or a new product launch.
  • Use personalization. Modern-day customers can see right through mass emailing gimmicks and take extremely unkindly to it. In this age of data, creating elaborate customer profiles is no longer a hassle. Leverage that to craft customized subject lines too. It will do a world of good to your engagement.
  • Don’t shy away from using emojis. Adding a visual element in your subject line will surely capture your subscriber’s notice.
  • Use action-oriented verbs. They foster excitement and gravity in your readers’ minds, encouraging them to take action.


Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Disco: We’re solving these massive problems (Source:

Chipotle: Your ? to free ? in 2022 (Source:

Nike: A birthday gift from us, Smiles Davis—10% off! (Source:

Google: The Black Friday countdown has begun (Source:


Adhere To The Latest Email Design Trends

Humans instinctively respond a lot better to visuals than we do to plain text. Hence, if the visual presentation of your emails is not up to the mark, it will fail to make heads turn. Every year, a host of unique design trends grace the email landscape. As email marketers, you have to not only take due note of them but also ensure they’re implemented in your campaigns. Reduce visual clutter by tapping minimalism, make your headlines stand out with bold typography, reduce cognitive load with illustrations and animations, and invite greater engagement by including interactive elements.

Take a look at these stunning email designs.



Make Your Emails Accessible

About 15% of the global population lead their lives with some form of disability. Hence, one of your foremost objectives must be to craft accessible emails so that all kinds of audiences can consume and interact with them. Listed below are a few techniques that will allow you to practice accessibility:

  • Keep your email copy concise and to the point. Prefer sticking to small and simple sentences as much as possible.
  • Make sure your emails have a logical reading order.
  • Wherever possible, consider using a single-column layout.
  • Ensure your alt texts are highly descriptive.
  • Include semantic markup in your email code.


Lead The Way With Compelling CTAs (call-to-action)

The CTA button in your email is arguably its most vital component. The more impactful your CTAs, the greater will be your conversions. So, what goes into making a winning CTA? Take a look:

  • Make your CTA contrast sharply against the email’s background. That way, it’ll instantly catch your customer’s attention.
  • Avoid using generic CTA phrases like “Click Now” or “Join Now”. Let your wit and humor write your CTAs.
  • Ensure the size of your CTA button is big enough. You don’t want to make your readers search for it.

Take a look at these examples where the brands absolutely nailed the CTA game.





Wrapping It Up

Designing the perfect email requires a lot of patience, hardwork, discipline, and commitment. Rest assured, however, that you will always be paid back handsomely for your efforts; such is email marketing!

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