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3 Design Tips For an Awesome Website

Your website is important as it’s a digital representation of either your business, your brand or yourself; therefore, it’s important that you don’t rush when designing a website, and that you make sure it’s up to scratch. Every person and their dog has a website, so to make sure that yours is more visible than those of your competitors, it’s important that you use good design practices in order to help make it more appealing and eventually rank highly on Google and other search engines.

There are many different ways in website personalization, and there are also steps that you shouldn’t be taking—so to help you avoid making mistakes, here are three design tips for creating a superb website.


Keep Your Homepage Minimalistic

A good website’s homepage should clearly and instantaneously communicate your core message. Due to how visitors very rarely read all the copy, this means that this should be communicated in other ways, such as with attractive graphics, fonts, color schemes, and design. With your homepage, it’s better to limit the amount of words one has to read and click on, as it will make it easier for readers to process your content.

A homepage filled with text and images and moving parts may look overwhelming at best and tacky at worst, putting people off and making them more likely to check out your competitors. By designing for low attention spans, you’ll be able to make a homepage that hopefully keeps potential customers engaged and on your site.

Easy ways to do this include spacing out your content to make the page appear better balanced and welcoming; keeping important information such as contact details and prices above the fold; adding photos to make it visually appealing; and including call-to-actions to get them through the funnel faster.


Design With A Visual Hierarchy

Hierarchy helps display your content in a clear and effective manner and can help lead your visitors’ attention to important page elements first. A digital specialist will be able to implement a good hierarchy, implementing size and weight to highlight top assets such as the business name and logo, as well as using the right website layout to steer visitors’ eyes in the right direction. The best way to do this is to place a call-to-action button at the center of the screen. Search for web design Walsall to find someone who can build you a beautiful website using all these design techniques.


Ensure Your Content is Readable

Readability measures how easy your content is for people to recognize words, sentences, and phrases. When readability is high, it means users can easily skim through your site, making it easier for them to take away the much-needed information. To make your site easy to read, ensure that your text and background has sufficient contrast so that text doesn’t get lost in the foreground. This also helps keep your website accessible, too. You also want to ensure that your fonts aren’t too small, as you don’t want people to struggle while reading your content. Keeping your body text at least 16pt is a good rule to follow, providing you have an easy-to-read font. The best fonts are those that are sans serif, meaning that there are no projecting lines on the ends of letters, as it makes it easier to read longer bodies of work.

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