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Download free WordPress themes with support


When Blogging Theme Styles started in the early summer of 2017, the plan was to offer one free WordPress theme  and then the rest would be premium themes. Although the Start Blogging theme has done very well, we’ve made a decision to design more free WordPress themes based on select premium themes from our website and with each new theme we release.

A New Membership for our Free WordPress Themes

We made the decision to offer you more free themes from the Blogging Theme Styles website as a free membership. This will give you a full year of access to  current and future free theme releases as they happen. Simply sign-up for the WordPress Free Theme Membership, and you can then start downloading any free theme with extreme happiness!

Once signed up, you can then log into the site, go to Membership and Downloads under the Members menu link to start downloading your theme.

Theme Support

You can feel at ease knowing that our free themes also includes free “basic” support with our very own support forum. Once you have signed up, you get access to each free theme we made available, including forums for each one.

Sign Up for Free Themes

If you’ve made it this far, why not sign-up for a free theme membership right now and start downloading themes! The best part is that it’s free and you get support when you need it. Plus, when you sign-up, you also get added to our newsletter so that when a new theme is released, you will be notified.


How to Get Your Themes

After signing up, you should get an activation email link. Once you activate your user account, log into the site…

  1. Go to the main menu Members >> My Memberships and Downloads.
  2. Click on the linked membership name
  3. Go into the wpthemes >> free-themes
  4. Now you can click the green buttons to download your theme (or themes)