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Keeping your WordPress theme and website up to date is always important. But when it applies to a theme, you will want to know when there is are WordPress theme updates available. Of course, it's not just updates because I am sure you would like to know when new themes are released. There are times when you will want important news when it's pertinent to your website.

WordPress Theme Updates

First, let's tackle the update for themes and why it's important. I am sure you would enjoy getting announcements whenever Blogging Theme Styles has an update to your theme. WordPress theme updates would include anything from bug fixes, design adjustments, and even added theme features that would benefit you.

News and Announcements

Everyone likes to get news and announcements when it relates to their theme, plugin, or even to their overall website. This can be news of new things happening at Blogging Theme Styles, WordPress, or perhaps giving you some insights about a particular theme or plugin. Another item that most people would find enjoyable is finding out when an exclusive special offer is announced that would save you money.

Introducing the Blogging Theme Styles Newsletter

We've finally setup a newsletter to give you all the news and announcements that are important to you and your website. As I have mentioned, things like theme updates, theme releases, and any other news and announcements that you may find interesting.

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You just need to go to the site and enter your email address and then click "Subscribe". After you confirm your email address with verification, you will get a special discount code that gives you 25% off your first purchase. Sign up from the front page bottom area or use the subscription to the right. WordPress theme updates and news

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