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How to Use Google Ads – A Complete Guide

According to the study, nearly 3.5 million people uses Google every day to search their queries related to a specific product or service. With each search, it provides an opportunity for you to get your business in front of the people. As a result, you will see increasing conversions, leads, and sales. That’s where Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) comes into action.

Using Google Ads, you will get a chance to promote your business when people search for a particular keyword on the search engine. All in all, Google Ads is a paid advertising platform provided by Google. Also, when you perform Google Ads campaign correctly, it can generate leads and sales. Let’s look at how Google Ads operates, what are its types, and standard practices.


How Google Ads Operate?

Have you ever heard about pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign? It is the model in which you only have to pay when the users click the ad. Unlike when you work on your organic traffic with an SEO company, Google Ads operates under this PPC model. Here the digital marketer you appoint will target a specific keyword on Google and make bids on the keyword while competing with other businesses also targeting the keyword.

The bid marketers make the maximum bids which mean the maximum amount you will pay for an ad. For example, if the marketer has decided maximum bid to $5 and Google verifies that your cost per click is $3, then you get that ad placement. However, if Google determines that your CPC is more than $5, then you can miss the chance for ad placement.

Here you can also set the daily budget for your ad. It is beneficial because you will never spend more than that set budget for that ad per day. As a result, you will get a better understanding of how much you should fix the budget for your Google ad campaign. Following are the options forbidding that most of the marketers consider.

  •     Cost-per-click (CPC) –The cost you have to pay when any user clicks on your ad.
  •     Cost-per-mille (CPM) –The amount to be paid per 1000 ad impressions.
  •     Cost-per-engagement (CPE) – Price you pay when the user does some action on your ad.

In the next stage, Google considers the bid amount and compare it with an assessment of your ad, which is called Quality Score. It is the score which depicts the quality of your ads, landing pages, and keywords. Higher quality ads result in lower prices and better ad positions. Usually, the score is in between 1 and 10 – when you get 10, it is considered as the best score.

When the score is higher, the chances of getting ranked on Google also increases and eventually, you have to spend less on ads. The main idea behind these ads is to make the users click on it and put your business in front of them. Now when you know how Google Ads work, let’s take a look at various types of Google Ads helpful for your campaign.


Types of Google Ads Campaigns

  1. Video campaign

These are the ads that you will mostly see in front of YouTube videos in the form of pre-rolls. 

  1. Search campaign

Search campaign ads appear as a text ad in the Google search results when user type keyword. 

  1. Display campaign

Your ad can display on different websites all over the internet like third-party websites. 

  1. Shopping campaign

These ads appear as images on the Google search engine result pages. It allows you to promote products visually. 

  1. App campaign

Just like video ads, app ads are also part of the display network, but these ads can be used for targeted campaigns.


Some Common Google Ads Practices Include

  1. Never Use broad keyword terms

Never use too long keyword terms as Google might be misunderstood and place your ad in front of the wrong audience. As a result, there will be fewer clicks and more money to invest. Here review that which keywords are getting clicks and use them to best match your ads keeping in mind your target audience. Practice adding, removing, and tweaking keywords to get more clicks on the ad.

  1. Don’t run inappropriate ads

Making and running Google Ads which is not suitable to searcher’s intent, you will never get enough clicks to set your ad spend. Ensure that your ad headline and inner content match the keywords you are bidding on. It is the way you can generate results and more clicks. Also, you have an option to create multiple ads per campaign.

  1. Maximize your Quality Score (QS)

Google determines quality score, and accordingly, it decides how your ad should rank. If your ad score is higher, then there is an excellent opportunity for placements. And if it is low, then significantly fewer users can see your ad and the chances of converting decreases. How to improve your quality score is depended on you. Here you can take advise of the marketers.

  1. Optimize your ad landing page

Creating Google Ads and getting clicks alone is not essential. User experience is also equally vital. After clicking on your ad, what does the user see and does the content covered solves the user’s problem and questions? Is your landing page optimized for conversions? Getting answers to all these questions will help you provide a better experience to users while transiting through the ad.


The Final Words

Do you want that maximum person to remember or know your business? If yes, then Google Ads campaign is your ultimate choice. It allows you to promote your business while generating leads. This guide covers everything you need to know about Google Ads. Please have a look into it and know how digital ads can get you more customers within your budget.

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