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Theme shops in the past have always ran with just one membership that gives you all themes. It was simple, fast, and very enticing for anyone wanting to get a new WordPress theme for their website or blog. Eventually we saw theme shops implementing the option to buy a single theme because they realized some people simply want just one while others still love the idea of getting “all” themes whenever they want.

It’s now common to see a theme shop offering the flexibility of purchasing a full membership or just a single theme. We’ve even seeing super high “lifetime” memberships being offered with prices as high as $399. Basically this gives you access to all themes and updates for the life of the website (the theme shop that is).

A New Option for Premium WordPress Themes

When Blogging Theme Styles started last year, I started with three options:

  1. Single Theme Recurring – A monthly subscription that allows you to cancel any time after the first month.
  2. Single Theme – The option to purchase a single theme that includes support and updates for 1 year.
  3. Premium Membership – The option to sign up for a full year of access to current and new theme releases (including support and updates).

The first one was more of a testing ground to see how well it would perform because I saw one other theme site with this option and was curious. However, it wasn’t as popular as the other two choices so I decided to drop the recurring subscription (still active for everyone who signed up).

The Premium Membership, currently at $149, gives access to all current and future theme releases, including support and updates. This becomes cost effective because the more themes we release, the less cost per theme to you. Great for people who simply want access to more than one theme at any time; especially smart for Web designers when designing for website clients.

But there was still something missing and I wanted to give more flexibility and more bang-for-the-buck for our customers and members, so I decided to add one more pricing plan…

The New Theme Membership

Straight to the point, the Theme Membership plan is a good balance between the purchase of a single theme and a premium membership. Basically I made the Theme Membership a full 1 year and updated the Premium Membership as a 2 year option.

The plans and pricing at Blogging Theme Styles now becomes:

  • Single Theme = $49 to $59 for a full year of support and updates
  • Theme Membership = $79 for a full year access to all themes, support, and updates
  • Premium Membership = $159 for 2 years access to all themes, support, and updates

The best thing about signing up for a full membership is that not only do you get access to current themes, you also get access to all new theme releases throughout your active membership.

Why is this so significant? With up to 2 themes being added every month, that means over the span of 1 year, we will have added up to 24 new themes!

Upgrade Your Current Theme Membership

The great thing here is that if you have an existing WordPress theme from Blogging Theme Styles, you can easily upgrade to the Theme Membership or even the Premium Membership. Simply log into the site, go to the “Members” menu link and venture into your current membership and then you can upgrade.

Your upgrade pricing is listed as:

  • Single Theme to the Theme Membership = $30 US
  • Single Theme to the Premium Membership = $90 US
  • Theme Membership to the Premium Membership = $60 US

*This starts today, so you may want to consider upgrading!

Perfect for Web Design (Designers)

Not only for individuals who are simply looking for one theme, but I believe offering the new theme membership choice is great for young up and coming website designers who want to give us a try with less cost to you and your clients. However, you also have the 2-year Premium Membership which is a great way to get access to a growing number of themes over 2-years. Remember that we plan to release up to 24 new WordPress themes per year!

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