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Obvious SEO Tactics You Are Probably Ignoring

Search engine optimization is a broad field that demands a lot from website and blog owners who want to find a spot at the helm of search engine SERPs. To get the best out of your SEO strategy, there are basic things that need to be followed. Astonishingly, even the most experienced sometimes overlook these fundamentals, and they eventually get poor outcomes despite investing time, energy, and resources in their campaigns.

Things can get tougher for you if you are a novice who has no idea of how the online world works. More often than not, you turn to the web to get tips, tricks, and insights that will help you get to the top of Google search results. You implement them and they can even help you to get stats, such as NBA 2020 MVP list or looking at who is your main audience and demographic.

But, maybe when you look at your metrics after a few days or weeks, you still find that your site’s ranking is not as desirable as you expect it to be. Why is that?

Well, you might implement the best advice from the best information sources on the internet, but your efforts will not pay off if you overlook the following basics;

Using keywords

Here is a fact – even if you write the most valuable content on the internet, the results you get will be distressing if you don’t include some focus keywords.

Keywords are basically the terms and phrases that people use when searching for information similar to yours.

SEO experts at Safari Gold Coast suggest that ranking for the correct keywords can make or break you. This means that you might have the best keywords and use them in your text, but still get poor results.

This happens due to keywords stuffing, which means that you simply write for the search engines and not for the reader. In the end, you alienate your target market and raise a red flag with search engines. To avoid this, make sure that your content is as natural as possible. Simply put, write for the reader, but have the search engine in mind.

Page titles and Meta descriptions

Even if you did not have a huge budget for SEO, you can get desirable results by simply optimizing your page titles and Meta descriptions.

This is something that you probably know, but the reason why you are failing is that you are focusing on what you call ‘ultra-modern’ or ‘advanced’ SEO tactics.

If you leave your title and Meta descriptions blank, your pages will not be ranked. Also, if you auto-generate these elements, your content might lose value and fail to attract visitors. Sooner or later, Google will reward you with poor rankings.

Ensure that you develop unique titles and Meta descriptions, and don’t stuff them with keywords. With time, this will help you remain ahead of the competition.

Competitor analysis

Despite having several tools that can help you spy on your competitors and find out what they are up to, you are focused on advanced SEO strategies, and you forget that you are in business with real people.

If you don’t do a regular competitor analysis, you can rest assured that you will never gain an edge over your business rivals. Constantly look at the type of content they are writing, the keywords they are using, and other SEO strategies they have implemented. This will help you develop a plan which will help your business stand out.


Backlinks are, without a doubt, the number-one variable, which leads to high content rankings. However, most people, including SEO experts, don’t care much about building links since they feel it’s challenging and time-consuming.

Remember, you might spend a lot of time building wonderful sites, writing world-class content, and advertising on social media, but if you forget to use backlinks, then you will not achieve the best SEO results.

Links are the reason why search engines find sites. Without them, no site would see the light of day.

Make sure you have a link-building strategy, and to get the best out of it, look for new opportunities that will result in high-quality links that complement your compelling content.

In case you have been ignoring these basic things, then you have an answer as to why you cannot see your site anywhere near the first page of search results. Have them at the helm of your priority list, and they will give you the success you desire before you know it.

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