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WordPress Gutenberg Themes

I thought it would be a good time to post a quick article about WordPress Gutenberg themes and Blogging Theme Styles. I have good news because all our themes are compatible with Gutenberg. I can also tell you that new themes will be as well. But let’s talk about the role of Gutenberg and how it pertains to our themes.

A Quick Intro About the Gutenberg Editor

If you have not heard anything about Gutenberg, you will once we see the arrival of WordPress 5.0. Basically the way you’ve been creating content with the classic editor is going to change.

Current Class Editor

WordPress Classic Editor

The Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Gutenberg Editor

With the new editor, it’s quite a big change that I am sure many will be caught off-guard once you see it. WordPress has a dedicated page that takes you through an introduction to Gutenberg that you can check out. We also touched base on this new editor in an article called “The WordPress Gutenberg Editor will change how you create posts“.

Gutenberg is not officially released yet, but you can download it from the WordPress website and try it out. I would also recommend installing it on a test site and not your live site.

WordPress Gutenberg Themes are Coming

Gutenberg has been under development by the team at WordPress for a very long time. It has taken some time, but plugin developers and theme shops are now beginning to offer products and services relating to it. As time moves on, we will see more Gutenberg compatible themes as developers start to transition into this market.

Blogging Theme Styles has already begun creating WordPress Gutenberg themes, starting with our latest Camer Pro theme. This also is true with the FREE version of Camer as well. Download Camer to try it out.

Camer Pro - WordPress Gutenberg Themes

From this point on, all new themes will fully support Gutenberg. This includes custom styling with each of the default blocks that the editor offers. However, remember that the official release of this WordPress changing editor will not happen until WordPress 5.0 arrives.

What About our Other Themes?

Even though Camer Pro is our first theme to fully support it, you will be happy to know our previous themes also work with Gutenberg. The only difference is that we have not added custom styling for the default content blocks as of yet.

You will also be happy to know that if you decide to not use Gutenberg, our current and future themes will still work with the Classic editor.

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