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An introduction to the Blogg customizer

This theme uses the WordPress customizer to add it’s own settings and options to help you customize your website while seeing your changes in the live preview window. Changes won’t take effect until you click on the “Save & Publish” button found in the upper right corner of the option column.

This theme currently offers the following customizer tabs (sections) which contains various settings and options:


Accessing the Customizer

There are a few ways to get into the customizer:

  1. From the home dashboard page, clicking on the big button labeled as
    customize link1
  2. From the main Appearance >> Customize menu link
    customize link2
  3. From the themes page under the active theme’s screenshot
  4. From the theme details popup window
    customize link4

Theme Settings

I will go through the theme’s customizer sections while leaving out the default WordPress settings; you can check out the WordPress website for those. When you first go to the customizer, you will see a tab “Theme Options” which is where you will see everything associated with this theme:


  1. Basic Options – The basics such as the copyright name
  2. Layout Options – Settings for managing the container widths of your page and also choosing your header style
  3. Blog Settings– Choose your blog layout style, and everything else related to the blog
  4. Post Settings – Choose your full post layout style, show or hide various page elements, and more.
  5. Featured Box Settings – This is where you can enable the front page featured boxes and assign a page to each one
  6. Thumbnail Settings – this is where you can turn on the featured image cropping option.
  7. Slider Settings – This has all the settings for your post slider.

Whatever changes you make from the customizer, you will see a live view in the preview window to the right side of the tabs column. However, any changes you do make won’t take effect until you click on the Update & Publish button at the top of the customizer window.
save publish customizer