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Add a Post Slider to your front page for Camer

If you decide to use the WordPress “Static Front Page” function, this theme gives you a few choices when it comes to styling your front page. Please note this works only when setting a static front page and does not work if your blog is set as the front page.

Front Page with a Post Slider

This option lets you use any standard page template, or even the blog home page. This of course is the only exception that you do not need to use a static front page, you can have it show up on the blog home. The only thing to remember is that this post slider is coded to only show on the site’s Front Page.

Setup a Static Front Page

If you decide to use a static front page, there are a couple steps, but the first is to create a page and to then choose the appropriate template.

  1. Create a page and call it whatever you decide, such as “Welcome” and then in the page attributes, choose the page template you want to use.
  2. You will need to create a second page for your blog, so we can call this one “Blog“. You just need the title for the page, no content.
  3. Go to Settings >> Reading >> set the front page to the page you created for it. Then set the page for the blog posts.
  4. Click Save

Now the next step is going to depend on what front page template you are using.

Post Slider

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Slider Settings
  2. Enable the slider by checking the box next to “Display the Slider
  3. Choose a category to grab posts from. Note that this will get the latest posts.
  4. Choose how many slides to show
  5. Choose your slide excerpt size (how many words)
  6. Choose what you want to show on the slide
  7. Click “Save & Publish

Finishing Touches

When you’ve setup your front page, don’t forget to go to your main menu and update it with the new Home and Blog pages.