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Create an About Me page like the Camer demo

This theme offers an About Me template that you can use to create a layout like you see on the live DEMO site for Camer.

Create Your Page

  1. Create a new page and then from the page attributes in the editor, choose the About Me template
  2. Add your content and a featured image–this will be the top part of the screenshot you see above.
  3. Click “Publish”

Contact Form

The contact form will depend on what form plugin you use.

  1. Create your form and then copy the “shortcode” for it.
  2. Go to Appearance >> Widgets
  3. Drag either an HTML or Text widget into the Content Bottom 1 sidebar position and then paste your shortcode into it.
  4. Click “Save” on the widget.

About Me Contact Info

What you put here is up to you, but for reference, we will use the demo site’s own content and source code for this tutorial. You can either do this with HTML code or do this directly in a text widget. However, for the purpose of this tutorial, I recommend the Custom HTML widget.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Widgets
  2. Drag a Custom HTML  widget into the Content Bottom 2 sidebar position and then copy/paste the code you see further below into it.
  3. Update the information content in the code–be careful to only update the text content and not to delete the html source code parts.
  4. Click “Save” on the widget.
About Me Info Code

Copy this code:

<p>Vivamus elementum semper nisi. Aenean vulputate eleifend tellus. Aenean leo ligula, porttitor eu, consequat vitae, eleifend ac, enim. Aliquam lorem ante dapibus in.</p>
<address id="contact-info">
<p><strong>Address:</strong> Lorem Town, Some City, Some Country</p>
	<p><strong>Mobile:</strong> 1 (555) 123-4567</p>
	<p><strong>Email:</strong> <a href="#">companyname@yourname</a></p>

Show Widgets On this Page Only

You may have noticed that WordPress does not have a way to select what pages to show widgets on. The only way to do this is with a plugin. We have a tutorial about this which should help you with this problem so that your widgets you just made only show on the “About Me” page.

As a side note, we used the plugin called “Widget Options” to manage our widgets for the whole site.

Read Our Article about managing widgets and how to control where they get displayed (or not displayed).