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An introduction to the Post Slider

This theme uses the popular Owl Slider to showcase featured posts that you can choose the category to pull posts from. I would recommend setting up a Featured category (optional of course) to create posts that you want to show on the front page. Incidentally, this slider only shows on the front page.

As a side note, you also have the option to keep the slider disabled if you prefer to use your personal choice of a slider plugin…this would then allow you to show it on other pages of your website.

The slider is styled to show your posts in columns and featured images are loaded as a background image for each post:

Slider Options and Settings

You have several options available to you when using this slider, which I will outline below:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Slider Options
  2. Enable the slider by checking the box next to “Show Slider
    mp slider show
  3. You can select what elements to show: Category, Excerpt, Read More button
    mp slider show2
  4. Choose the category to get posts from
    mp slider category
  5. Choose the limit of posts to show in the slider – you can have 4 to 8 slides. We limit this because having too many will add page load times. We also make it at least 4 due to the responsive feature of this theme where on small devices, you will see 2 slides, medium will be 3, and then desktop size screens will see 4.
    mp slider limit
  6. Choose how wide to make the slider in your page. You can make it the same width as your content or wider.
    mp slider width
  7. Choose your excerpt size (number of words) is you decide to enable the excerpts. Please be aware that there is only a so-much space in the caption box to show everything, so take note of long post titles that may need 2 lines.
    mp slider excerpt size
  8. Choose your colours
    mp slider colours
  9. Click “Save & Publish