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Set up your front page promo boxes

Promo Boxes give you a visual link concept utilizing image backgrounds and a custom link to take the user to any location.

pm promoboxes

UPDATE March 29, 2018: Promo boxes were coded to show on the front page but discovered that the code was incorrect. When switching from a blog front page to a static front page, the promo boxes disappeared, so I just updated the theme to version 2.0.4 which fixes this. Now they will show on the front page regardless if it’s the blog or a page.

Cropped Images

The promo boxes contain a setting to upload images that allow you to crop them. Each one has its own cropped image uploader which will crop your image to 450×275 pixels.

Setup Your Promo Boxes

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Promo Boxes
  2. Check the box next to “Show the Promo Boxes Section” so that they will be enabled
    pm show promoboxes
  3. Upload your images for Promo Box 1, 2, and 3
    pm promobox add image
    pm promobox add image2
  4. Title each one
    pm promobox title
  5. Add a button label
    pm promobox button label
  6. Add a link to each one
    pm promobox link
  7. If you want to change colours, you can use the colour selectors
    pm promobox colours
  8. Click “Save & Publish