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An introduction to the top bar area

This theme gives you a top bar area that includes 3 sections, one which is reserved for the top social menu icons.

r topbar

The first two sections can be used to display whatever content you want, but I recommend keeping it simple if you can. The third one as you can see in the above screenshot represents a predefined social menu group. You can also enable or disable any one of these sections or even the complete top bar.

Top Bar Settings

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Top Bar Options
    r topbar tab
  2. After clicking the box to enable the Top Bar (turned on by default), you can choose what sections to enable.
  3. Add some content to the left 
    r topbar left
  4. Add some content to the Center
    r topbar center
  5. Click “Save & Publish

Changing the Colours

You will notice that this theme comes with a gradient background, one for the top bar area but also for the bottom sidebar area near the footer. This theme includes a setting to disable the gradient if you prefer to use a solid colour.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Colours
  2. Look for the Show Gradient Background setting and uncheck the box
    r show gradient
  3. You can now use a solid colour background by looking for the Top Bar Background colour selector which should be near the top:
    r topbar bg colour
  4. Click “Save & Publish

NOTE The Show Gradient Background option will also disable the bottom sidebars area as well.