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Typit Header Style for the Front Page

This theme offers so many header styles and combinations, that we have to break these into multiple tutorials. We will begin with the front page and the WordPress Custom Image feature that we included. This only applies to the front page, regardless if your blog is on the front or a static page.

With WordPress, and providing a theme allows this function, the Custom Header Image is a feature that lets you add at least 1 photo to the header. It also has the ability to randomly change the images if you upload more than one. Each time you refresh the page or revisit the page, a new image will show.

NOTE: The Header Image feature is only available on the page where your blog is located. If you have your blog on the front page (, then the Header Image feature will affect your front page. However, if you use a static front page (a regular page on your front page that is not displaying your blog posts) and move the blog further into your website on another page (, the Header Image feature will show there instead.

This is the only header option that lets you set more than one image and have it randomly change images with each refresh of your blog page.


To Remove the Default Image

We included a default image for your header, but if you decide not to use it, you can “Hide” it.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Header
  2. Click on the “Hide image” button
  3. If you plan to add your own photos, you can then click on the “Add new image” button for each one you upload.
  4. Click “Save & Publish”


To Set Your Images

  1. Go to Appearance >> Header
  2. Click on the “Add  new image” button
  3. Repeat for every one you want to add
  4. If you want to randomize the images, click on the “Randomize” button
  5. Click “Save & Publish


More Front Page Options

If you decide not to use the WordPress Custom Header Image option, you can now change the header style. You have the choice of:

  • Header Image with the blog title and intro caption group
  • No header image but still have the blog title and intro caption group
  • An empty header without the caption group or image

One thing to make note of is that when you make the following changes in the customizer, you may not see the changes instantly in the preview window (we’re working on a method to make that possible). So when you make your choice, you can view it after saving it and looking at the front-end of the site.

IMPORTANT: To make this work, you need to remove the WordPress Custom Header Image from the “Header Image” tab of the customizer. This is because it overrides any featured image from a post or page.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options >> Basic Settings
  2. Look for the “Front Page Header” setting and choose
  3. Click “Save & Publish