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An introduction to the Logo and site title

With Blogg Pro, you get a few options when it comes to the site title, description, and logo. Your options are:

  1. Site Title with Site Description (Tagline) and a logo letter
  2. Site Title with Site Description
  3. Site Title with Logo Letter
  4. Logo Letter
  5. or, Your own logo

I won’t go through each one as each one is really self-explanatory and your choices are found in the “Site Identity” tab of the customizer. However, what is different is that this theme has a built-in logo that you can use if you want something a bit more visual than just a site title.

The Logo Letter option gives you the ability to add any letter you want; normally this is the first letter of your site name. For example, I used “B” for the logo with the theme’s demo site:


The letter uses the Google font “Molle” which is loaded in the theme by default, but you can override this from the Additional CSS tab of the customizer. You will need to make sure the font family you use for it is available for all visitors to your website.

As mentioned, you can set your site identity to however you want it. For example, the logo letter above has the site title active, but turning on the site description, you would see this:


Of course, you can disable everything and simply upload your own custom logo.

Add Your Logo Letter

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity
  2. Look for the “Show Logo Letter” setting and check the box to show it (if it’s not already done)
  3. Look for the “Logo Letter” setting and type in the letter you want.
  4. Click “Save & Publish