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An introduction to the site title and logo for Camer Pro

With Camer Pro, you get a few options when it comes to the site title, description, and logo. Your options are:

  1. Site Title with Site Description (Tagline) and logo
  2. Site Title with Site Description
  3. Site Title with Logo
  4. Your own logo

Regarding the logo, if you want the logo to sit along side of the site title, I would recommend using a very small logo. For reference, the demo site logo is 67x53px in size.

I won’t go through each one as each one is really self-explanatory and your choices are found in the “Site Identity” tab of the customizer.

Of course, you can disable everything and simply upload your own custom logo.

Add Your Logo

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity
  2. Look for the “Logo” setting and then upload your logo.
  3. Hide your site title and/or site description if you just want to show the logo.
  4. Click “Save & Publish