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Import demo content into your new website

A much requested feature by many theme users who often ask “can I import the demo content into my site?” Seems to be a growing trend, but we can understand the reasoning behind it. It gives you the ability to see how the demo site was setup and then you can simply replace the existing content with your own.

  1. Content – Pages and Posts
  3. Menus
  4. Widgets
  5. Customizer Settings

When you first install this theme, you might see a notice at the top with plugin recommendations; this depends on what plugins you have installed already.

This is information is provided so that you will know what plugins the theme uses for the live demo, but also gives some added features to the theme if you opt in for it. Please note that you are not required to use these plugins, they are shown as recommended (although not endorsed) options to add to the theme, but they will be needed if you decide to use the demo content import.

  1. JP Widget Visibility – This lets you publish widgets to select pages, otherwise without it, widgets will show up on every page. This is based on the Widget Visibility module in Jetpack.
  2. Mailchimp for WordPress – this gives you a widget for newsletter signups. This theme provides some styling for this widget (not critical to have)
  3. One Click Demo Import – This is the most important one because it gives you the demo import capability.
  4. Remove Widget Titles – This lets you hide widget titles from the front-end of your website; great for image banners, sliders, etc.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to use the 1-Click Demo Import option, it’s best to do this on a new (blank) website. But if you decide to import into an existing website (not recommended), please make a full website Backup first!

How to Use the 1-Click Demo Import Feature

There are a few things that you need to do before you actually click the button to import content…actually, you need a plugin to use this feature.

  1. After you install your theme and activated it, you should get the notice at the top that gives you a list of recommended plugins to install and activate. Again, this is optional, but it is part of the demo import process to ensure everything is as the live demo site displays. Out of the recommended plugins, the most important ones will be the One Click Demo Import, JP Widget Visibility, Remove Widget Titles.
  2. After you install the recommended plugins, make sure they are all activated
  3. Now go to Appearance >> Import Demo Data
  4. Read the Info and then when you are ready, click on the Import Button.
  5. After the import is done, you can check the front of your website to see how it looks.

Things That Could Go Wrong

As mentioned earlier, it’s not perfect because the demo import capability that many theme sites offer with their themes is based on third party plugins and scripts, so importing may not be 100%. However, it does a pretty good job overall. However, there are some possibilities that certain things could go wrong.

  • The import could time-out. If this happens, you will probably have to reinstall your WordPress with a clean database as it’s best to start from the beginning.
  • The menu(s) might not show. Sometimes a menu might not be showing. Go to your menu screen in the editor and reset the menu to the menu location it was meant for.
  • Some widgets might be lost from view. Go to your widgets screen in the Admin and see if there are any widgets that are in the “Inactive Widgets” section, and then drag them to the appropriate sidebar.
  • Something might not be showing from the customizer. For example, a slider might not be showing. Check the slider settings in the customizer to see if it’s enabled or disabled.