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Add a blog title and introduction to your blog home page

Generally WordPress does not show or have the ability to let you show a blog title (heading) or introduction (description) to the blog’s home page; categories get these two options though. This theme lets you create a custom blog heading and introduction whether your blog is on the front page of your site or relocated further inside your site. Here is an example of what I am referring to:

pm blog heading group

The “Welcome to Our Magazine‘ is the title and the text below the title is the introduction to the blog. With this theme, you can create and show this or you can disable the heading group altogether.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options
  2. Look for the “Blog Title” setting and add your own title.
    pm blog title setting
  3. Look for the “Blog Description” setting and add a blog description (introduction) for your blog.
    pm blog intro settingYou can also just show or hide the description part:
    devise show blog intro setting
  4. If you wish to disable the heading group, look for the “Show Blog Heading Group” setting and uncheck the box.
    devise show blog group setting
  5. Click “Save & Publish” at the top of the customizer.