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Using the Advertisement Widgets

These are similar to image widgets, but they are created for adding advertising banners with a link. You get the following ad widget sizes:

  1. Ad 729×90 pixels
  2. Ad 468×60 pixels
  3. Ad 300×250 pixels
  4. Ad 125×125 pixels

Each one is coded to force the size of the image to the size indicated, so I strongly recommend that your images or banners are the size that it represents. For example, if you plan to setup a 300×250 banner ad, upload a banner image that is 300×250 pixels.

Note: These are standard industry banner advertisement sizes

Let’s take a look at one widget for the 300×250 size that you would normally drag into a sidebar position:

pm ad 300x250

When you drag this into a sidebar and open it, you would see option settings that need to be filled out like this demo:

pm ad widget

As a reminder, these widgets are set to the industry standard banner ad sizes.