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An Introduction to Start Blogging Pro theme

Welcome  to the Start Blogging Pro introduction where I will take you through the specifics of this theme and how it differs from the free Start Blogging version. Here is a quick screenshot of the pro version using the custom front page template:

sbp screenshot

Key Features of Start Blogging Pro

First, you are getting a theme with more features, functions, and options, but ultimately, here is a key list of features:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Unlimited Colours
  • 22 Sidebar Positions – several that have dynamic widths
  • 6 Blog Styles & Layouts
  • 3 Full Post Styles & Layouts
  • WooCommerce Ready – wrapper containers only
  • Developer Ready with many Hooks
  • Built-in Slider
  • Show or Hide Page Elements
  • Live Preview Customizer
  • Social Network Menus with Icons
  • A Custom Front Page Template
  • Custom Error Page
  • Additional Page Layout Templates

WooCommerce Ready

I should perhaps mention a few things about being WooCommerce ready and how it was implemented into this theme…especially a theme built for blogs. 

I’ve seen a few business blog websites that include an online store, so I decided for anyone running a business blog that has one, it makes it easier when the theme itself is setup to accommodate the templates that WooCommerce generates. In many cases, themes are structured in a way that can sometimes cause layout issues, so I decided to create a function that let’s you turn on from the customizer, the option to enable the special layout template coding so that WooCommerce pages will load perfectly.

Please note Start Blogging Pro does not contain custom styling for WooCommerce elements. This means that the default styling that comes with WooCommerce is the style you will see when your store is active. However, if I get enough requests for custom WooCommerce styling to inherit those of the Start Blogging Pro theme, I will definitely consider that.

Customizing Your Theme

One thing to consider when setting up your theme and website, is customization. If you plan to modify the theme at some point in time, such as modifying a theme template, or perhaps you want to add something more, I strongly recommend using a child theme. I may create a tutorial about child themes, but the website has a Child Theme tutorial that you can follow.

Ultimately, using a child theme will prevent you from losing any changes you make whenever this theme has an update. Making changes to the theme’s files will result in being overwritten when you update, which is why using a child theme is critical.