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Set up your front page Slider

For those who want to use a basic slider for your blog, this theme has one built-in and is based on the Nivo Slider. This slider will load slides that are created from pages you have published where an excerpt is used, the page title, and then the slide image is actually the page featured image.

slider screenshot

You will need to have your pages built ahead of time, each with a featured image added with a reasonable size like the demo (or screenshot) displays as 1140×500 pixels for best results. You can of course change the height, but I recommend using the full width of your theme’s content area of 1140px.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Slider Settings
  2. Enable the slider by checking the “Show Nivo Slider” box.
    slider show setting
  3. From the setting “Select Page for Slide 1“, choose your page and then repeat for each slide you plan to add.
    slider page select setting
  4. You can edit the size of the intro text (excerpt) from the “Slide Excerpt Size” setting by typing in the number of words or use the up/down arrows on the field when you mouseover it.
    slider excerpt setting
  5. Now you can edit the slide colours to your preference. NOTE: You cannot have different colours for each slide independently.
    slider colour settings
  6. If you want a button, add a label and edit the button background colour to your preference.
    slider button settings
  7. Click on the “Save & Publish” button at the top.

NOTE: This slider only shows on the front page of your site. I would also recommend not displaying an image or other slider in the Banner Sidebar position on this page, otherwise you will get a banner and slider together.