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      Matthew Willkes

      I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m having a few issues with Typit (to be honest, it probably is me). Anyway:

      1. I’ve got the header image and title to look the way I want, but for some reason the words “Sample Page” are on it and I cannot work out how to get rid of them

      2. I’m using the basic list layout but I cannot get thumbnail images to appear next to the headline and text snippets

      3. The image header is fine on the front page (it’s a list of posts) but each post just has an orange/green gradient header, when I want the same header image to appear on every post.

      My site is https://flatlanderinvermont.com/


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      Hi Matthew,

      I’ll help you with those.

      1. The Sample Page text is a menu item. You can manage your menu in Appearance > Menus. You can also switch between different menu groups, if there are any.

      The black square is the logo area and the area where you can display your business name (if you don’t want a logo). You can manage it in Appearance > Customize > Site Identity. But, that doesn’t remove the black square. To remove it, enter this CSS code in Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

      .site-branding {
      display: none;

      2. and 3. When you edit a post, look at right side, you’ll see the Featured Image section. Add an image there and it will add it as a thumbnail and as the header background image.

      I hope this helps :)!

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