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      Can’t find where to make it stop showing the page title. Would like it gone.

      Will need the same info for Camer Pro too. Thanks!

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      For Marjoram Pro, when you edit a page (not Post), change the Template (found below Page Attributes on the right sidebar) to Page Builder and that removes the title. However, it also makes it full width since it’s meant to be used with a page builder. Camer Pro, you would use the For Page Builders Template but it would remove your content, forcing you to use a page builder.

      The other solution is to remove them via CSS.
      The class is “page-title”.

      It would be like this:
      .page-title {
      display: none;

      That will hide the title, which is the h1 heading, everywhere on your website where that class is used. Blog posts use another class (“entry-title”) but I don’t suggest removing the titles from blog posts unless you want to manage them differently.

      With that said, don’t forget to add an h1 title manually, in the text editor, in your Pages as it’s better for your site’s SEO to have an h1 heading.

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