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      Carola Lööf

      This seems not to be a big problem, just annoying 🙂

      When I updatated Typit Pro to last version (1.1.3) in WP – the version control (?) won’t disapear from WP-update page? … when I press the update button – the template updates but the update instruction is still valid… please see attached file.

      Best day

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      Hi Carola,

      I would agree that would be annoying. So if I understand this correctly, you are using the Typit Pro theme, but you are getting a notice in your Admin area that doesn’t disappear…not to mention that it’s showing HTML code for it?

      When did you update your Typit Pro theme to 1.1.3?

      In the meantime, I will double check the theme on my local test site and see if there is anything in the theme causing this notice to show like that; I will assume this is only showing for this theme and no other theme you might have installed? Also, is this the first time you seen that notice?

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      I believe I found the problem, so I just uploaded the new version 1.1.4 with the fix, so you should be receiving an update notification soon. If you do not see the notice by tomorrow, let us know.

      What I found is the updater file had 1.1.2 as the version when it should have been 1.1.3. However, because of the correction, I made this 1.1.4 which represents this current fix.

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