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Introducing Start Blogging, a free theme that is designed for personal and business bloggers alike. The idea behind Start Blogging was to create a theme that is simplistic, yet giving you enough features and options to  do a little more than just straight blogging. However, this one is specific to the blog concept and will definitely get you started quickly for anyone just beginning. If you need more features, there is also the popular Start Blogging Pro to consider.

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Quick Look at Start Blogging

Before you venture off to view the live demo site for Start Blogging, we've provided you with a quick look at how this theme is styled with clean simple ideas and lots of open space. Start Blogging is streamlined, so you do not have to worry about getting a theme that is bloated with tons of stylesheets and scripts that bogs down your website. The plan is to continuously make improvements to increase speed and efficiency, so download this theme for FREE and give it a try.

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Key Features

These are just a few of many features that this theme includes. As new updates come along, more features may be added.

  • Mobile Responsive
  • 20 Sidebar Positions
  • Unlimited Colours
  • Built-in Theme Customizer
  • Built-in Social Menus
  • Page Templates
  • WordPress Post Formats
  • and it's FREE!


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