Typit Pro is a content focused WordPress theme that is designed to look great with or without images. Because of a growing trend where blogs are not eliminating featured images, Typit Pro makes this the perfect theme if you simply want to write articles. However, we still made it so that if you decide to incorporate features images, you can.

One of the biggest feature of Typit Pro is the top header area. We’ve made to be flexible beyond belief–also with or without images. There are so many variations available, it’s difficult to do the math as to how many layout possibilities exist. From featured image banners, to gradient backgrounds, or keeping it simple with no distractions, the choice is yours!

The future of WordPress is with the Gutenberg editor, and with Typit Pro, you can experience the new editor. Of course, Typit Pro also works exceptionally well with the Classic editor.

Purchase Options

You have several purchase options available so that you can choose what works best for you. For more details, check out the PRICING page.