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How to Make Your Gaming Blog Engaging

When it comes to creating a more engaging gaming blog, there are many proven strategies you should consider using if you haven’t already.

Blogging about gaming is now big business, and there’s lots of money to be made, so if you’re serious about making your gaming blog more successful, you’ve come to the right place.


How to write engaging gaming blog posts

Understanding your audience is the key to writing a more engaging blog post that will instantly appeal to your readers.

It also helps to be passionate about the niche you will be blogging about because this will be clear in your writing style. It makes writing blogs much easier when you personally enjoy your topic.

There are many different areas of the gaming industry, so pick your niche carefully. You could then cover several other key areas, such as the latest industry news and the latest hardware and technological developments in the gaming industry.

You can blog about the latest games, do the occasional walkthrough blogs, and so much more.

If, for example, you want to create an online casino blog, it would help to cover topics relating to the iGaming industry. You will need to get a well-designed website, which you can easily customise to appeal to your audience, while at the same time, it must reflect your brand.

Don’t forget that you want to try and connect with your audience through your blogs and provide them with new and relevant information about your niche.

You will also need to get web hosting for your new blogging website, and you’ll need to install some kind of content management system, which makes updating your website with images, blogs, and other engaging content relatively simple. WordPress is a great example.


What else can I do to improve my gaming blogs

Before posting your blogs, always ensure that you or another editor/proofreader goes through them to check for punctuation and grammatical errors.

If your blogs are constantly littered with these types of basic errors, they won’t look very professional, and people won’t want to keep returning to read future blog posts.

Try to be clear and concise when making your point, and try not to push a hard sell in your blogs. If it’s apparent that you’re just trying to sell your services or products, it will become clear in your blogs and scare people off.

Also, ensure each blog post has a captivating and engaging title that people will want to click or tap on. To begin with, it will take a great deal of time and effort to perfect your blog, so remember to be patient.

Some of the things you try will work, and others won’t, so remember to take what works and get rid of what doesn’t to help your blogs become more engaging. Trial and error is a big part of blogging, especially in the early days.

To make your blog more visible and rank higher on Google and other major search engines, you must implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into your blogging strategy.


Are there any good gaming blogs I can go to for examples of what makes a successful blog?

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t have a clue where to start, you may want to check out one or more of these popular gaming blogs. You can take ideas that work and try to use them in your blog.

Examples of today’s best gaming blogs are the following:

  • Droid Gamers
  • TouchArcade
  • PC Gamer
  • Xbox Wire
  • Pure Xbox
  • PlayStation Blog
  • Push Square
  • Nintendo Life
  • VG24/7
  • Game Informer
  • Video Chums
  • Rock Paper Shotgun
  • GamePro
  • Gaming Debugged

Others worth checking out are Gematsu, The Game Fanatics, Pocket Gamer, Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, GameSpot, and Indie Games, to name just a few.

Final note

There is an art to blogging about gaming, which can take a while to learn. It won’t come easy, but you will gradually get there if you persevere. Getting it right will hopefully increase traffic to your website, which can lead to more conversions and increased revenue. Starting with a blogging theme helps pave the way.

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