Blogging Theme Styles offers a website development service to build a website for you using any content management system (CMS).

If your website isn’t stored anywhere, we can host your website(s) in our reliable, fast server.


Step 1     Choose a theme or let us help you

Use WordPress as a CMS and either pick a theme from our WordPress themes (included in the price) or bring one from anywhere else.

Have another CMS in mind? Not a problem! Send us the theme files and we’ll take care of it. Or, just ask us to choose for you, whether to set up an ecommerce or an informational website.

Any theme can be customized to your preference. This means that we can design your website the way you want and to suit your branding.

We can also create a custom design for you without using a theme.


Step 2     We build your website

This is where we put our expertise into practice by:

  1. Installing and configuring both the CMS (WordPress, etc.) and the theme.
  2. Installing and configuring the required plugins.
  3. Setting up the layout by creating the necessary sections.
  4. Adding your content and implementing essential SEO.
  5. Styling the website to your preference.


Step 3     We deliver

  1. Configuring your email and all contact forms to ensure that you can receive emails.
  2. Thorough QA process while looking out for broken links, grammar mistakes, misaligned layouts, and more.
  3. Launching your website once you’re satisfied.
  4. (Optional) Hosting your website with us. See our Hosting page for more details.


Hourly rate

35 USD / 30 EUR / 45 CAD

Our fair pricing enables us to develop using quality code that brings you a long lasting website. We have seen sites built by using $8 per hour freelancers and they were badly coded. This caused the site to break down quite a few times in various sections. On the other hand, some charge 100+ USD per hour. We charge less than that as we understand how expensive it is to build websites.

We can also create a package for you. For example, 300 USD for a 2-4 page simple website, or we set up the website for you and you can add the content (saves you money).

Feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll send you a free quote.
Once you approve the quote, we’ll send you a form to fill out that gives us the information we need to begin building your website.

Let us know the following:
1. The CMS and theme you would like to use.
2. Your business type.
3. The number of pages your website will have.
4. The functionality that you would like.

If unsure, let us know and we’ll guide you!

Read our Terms & Conditions for website development.

Contact us with your questions