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WordPress Themes Affiliate program with Blogging Theme Styles


Here is your the chance to start making money by becoming a partner with our WordPress themes affiliate program. We are currently working out the details, but let’s talk a bit about the specifics of what the program is about.

WordPress Themes Affiliate Program

Become part of the Blogging Theme Styles community by partnering with us to help promote your favorite themes that we offer. When you join our affiliate program, we will give you a variety of promotional products to help you showcase our themes. These will include banners and textual links that you can place within your site pages and/or posts. We are also planning to implement Social Media Marketing which lets you take full advantage of promotion from your Twitter or Facebook. The more followers you have, the more chances of making referral sales.

How You Make Money

When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be redirected to the Blogging Theme Styles website. Once they are here, we tack their activity with our affiliate software. If anyone then makes a purchase, you will earn a commission based on your commission type. Our affiliate program is absolutely free to join and easy to sign-up. Once you have everything in place, you can start making money by sending referrals who buys any qualifying theme product!

High Commission Rate

As an affiliate, you become a partner with Blogging Theme Styles. So because of that, we want to make sure you get the chance to make money by helping us. This is why we decide to offer you one of the highest commission rates of any WordPress theme site currently online. For any successful referral sale you send us, we will pay you 50% of each sale! Consider a single sale of the Premium Membership that we priced at $149 US. That means if you refer someone who signs up for this, you get $74.50 US!

Renewal Commissions

Once we roll out our WordPress Themes Affiliate program, we are also looking at paying you a commission on renewals as well. Unlike many other theme websites, we feel that you should continue making money each time a customer decides to renew their theme membership.

Our Commitment

Because you will be helping promote Blogging Theme Styles, our goal is to help you make money. To increase the the potential of sales, we will strive to continue giving customers top quality themes and service by designing awesome themes every month.

** Stay tuned for more information as we plan out our new affiliate program. We might make some adjustments to the program, but with the info provided, it should give you a good idea of what we are planning. This will also depend on how much interest we get over the next couple of months.

  1. Paul

    Any update on this?

    • Andre

      Hi Paul….apologies for not seeing your comment. Anyway, Blogging Theme Styles is indeed working on it now, so expect an announcement coming. It’s just around the corner 🙂

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