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Let your theme generate your featured images

By default, all the image thumbnail options are disabled, but you can choose what size you want to use and is based on whatever Blog Style and Layout you choose.

NOTE I should mention that if you choose not to create thumbnails, any photo you upload will be used in the size and orientation that you originally uploaded.

  1. Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Theme Options
  2. Make your choice from the listings of thumbnail options…in this case, if you are using the Card blog layout.
  3. Click “Save & Publish

Featured Image Size Reference

This will help give you a sizing reference if you decide to enable any of the options below. If you leave them unchecked, any featured image you upload for a blog post will be the size and orientation you upload.

  • Default creates featured images at 960×535 pixels
  • Centered creates featured images at 700×500 pixels

Depending on the blog layout you choose, I recommend using the best photos as possible when uploading and to make sure they are at least the sizes mentioned above. Images will be cropped, so that is something to also remember when deciding on what kind of photos you plan to upload.

Re-Generate Thumbnails

There may be times you need to re-create your featured images with the cropped settings, either from the theme or from the WordPress Media Settings. The most popular plugin to use is called Regenerate Thumbnails.

This let’s you re-create the corrected sizes…providing your original image uploads are large enough they can be cropped correctly.