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An introduction to the Gutenberg editor in Typit

This is just an introduction to the new upcoming editor called Gutenberg. This is a new content editor/builder that WordPress is going to implement into version 5 (arriving for 2019 is our estimate). However, to get a headstart on taking advantage of Gutenberg, theme shops such as ours, are starting to add support to their themes for anyone using the new editor–Typit has full support.

WordPress Gutenberg editor

NOTE: I should also mention that we built the live demo site for Typit with the Gutenberg editor.


As mentioned, this theme supports Gutenberg which gives you a new content creation experience–love it or hate it–this will be part of WordPress version 5 as the default editor.

More About Gutenberg

The main feature of this new editor is the use of “blocks” which are predefined mini-templates that you can drop into your page. Things like headings, lists, spacers, images, quotes, and even columns. To give you an idea of what kind of blocks are part of Gutenberg by default, you can check out the live demo for this theme:

Blocks Demo for Typit Pro

Even though the editor is not officially release, there still could be more blocks or changes to the existing ones.

IMPORTANT: The Gutenberg editor is only in beta and not officially released, so there could be some bugs while WordPress continues to develop it.