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      Carola Lööf

      WP says that “My License status is unknown” and I don’t know why?
      But my license is active according to the information in my member account at https://www.bloggingthemestyles.com.
      I have tried to copy and paste the license and to re-activate it but still – I receive the same notification form WP.
      Can you help me with this? Is this something I should be worried about?
      Best regards

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      Carola Lööf

      It also says: This appears to be an invalid license key for Typit.
      But it is what I get from my purchase.


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        Hi Carola,

        Thank you for letting us know. We’ve had some issues relating to this but with other customers and members, but thought this was solved. However, it appears not so we will look into this immediately.

        Nothing to be worried about, it is more related to getting theme updates, but it’s still something we need to ensure is fixed for everyone.

        Quick Follow up: One thing I need to know though, what version is your theme? We fixed some issues relating to a few themes recently so you may need to download the theme again and upload it using an FTP program to overwrite the existing theme files. I’m not sure how comfortable you are doing that, but we could always log into your website and update at least the “updater” file.

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      Hi Carola,

      Have you received an email notification from when Andre posted a reply on March 19?

      We resolved this issue early in March, so it could be that your theme copy is from before that date and that you didn’t get the latest update. You can download the latest update from “My Downloads” under Members here on our website (after logging in) and install it manually using this documentation: https://www.bloggingthemestyles.com/blog/wordpress-tutorials/how-to-update-your-wordpress-theme/

      Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help!

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      Carola Lööf

      Problem solved. Thank you for your help.

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      Wonderful! Thank you for reporting back 🙂
      Have a lovely day!

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