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How to Create a Menu Placeholder Link

Have you been curious about how to make menu placeholder links that don’t link to anything? Some call them “blank menu links” or “text in menu“.

These are used when you want the top-level menu item for adding submenu items below, but not link to any other page. So, to accomplish this, you can create a menu item with the link using the # symbol.

Menu Placeholders – Blogging Theme Styles Uses Them!

You might notice that this website uses placeholder links on our main menu. For example, our “Services” menu link is one and allows us to add a submenu to it. This allows us to better organise this website’s navigation.

Placeholder Menu Link - BTS

All placeholder menu items will have the # symbol as the link; this means that it’s a “fake” link. When you hover over our “Services‘ menu item, it acts and looks like a link, but it’s “fake”. This is the URL you will see when hovering:

Notice the # symbol at the end?

How to Make a Placeholder Link

You will be glad to hear that this is a very simple task. You just have to make a menu link using the WordPress menu manager.

  1. Log in to your site’s Dashboard (Admin area).
  2. Go to Appearance > Menus.
  3. Select Custom Links from the menu options on the left.
  4. For the URL field, remove what is there and enter only the # symbol.
  5. In the Link Text field, type the text you want the menu to display. In our example, we typed “Services“.
    Custom Menu Link
  6. Click Add to Menu.
  7. In the Menu Structure section, drag the new menu item to the desired location.
  8. Drag the submenu items underneath this placeholder menu.
    Placeholder Sub-Menu
  9. Click Save Menu and then you are done.

NOTE: Make sure that you have your menu created so that you can then begin adding submenu items.

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