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An introduction to your menus

We won’t take you through the details of setting up a menu, as this is a common WordPress concept. However, with all our themes, both free and premium, how you setup your menus are going to be the same as the method WordPress describes from their documentation for WordPress Menu User Guide which gives you a far better tutorial on doing this.

This theme does provide three menu locations that are preset for you:equable menu location

Top Menu

Your top menu is the main menu for your website. When you create a custom menu and assign it to the “Top Menu” location, you can add your menu items to it, including submenu levels.

Social Menu

Your social menu is a special menu location because it’s pre-coded and styled to automatically add in the correct social icon based on your social profile page link (URL). You can follow the Social Menu tutorial to find out how to make a social menu for your website.

Footer Menu

This is usually a menu that includes links to your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Contact, etc. This menu is only a 1 level menu, so if you added a menu with sublevel items, you won’t get them. When making a footer menu, keep in mind this is just one level only.